We are building a spare change investment platform to help you invest in companies working on a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Imagine a world where drug companies are owned by millions of spare change investors committed to curing Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer’s must be cured!

Yet, most major pharmaceuticals have cut back on Alzheimer’s R&D as unprofitable, while smaller scientist led companies are left struggling for investment to develop promising scientific discoveries into a cure.


Alzheimer’s can be reversed in mice and many pathways to a cure have been discovered


Investment in companies working on a cure is scarce, stifling progress


A spare change investment platform to help millions invest in companies working on a cure for Alzheimer’s

InvestAcure has developed a formidable plan to end the roadblock imposed by insufficient capital to fund clinical trials necessary to discover effective cures for Alzheimer Disease. With so many major pharmaceutical companies leaving the space, it is even more imperative that we activate this approach immediately if we are to bring cures to families.

George Perry, Ph.D. Dean of College of Sciences - University of Texas at San Antonio & editor of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

We can cure Alzheimer’s in our mice every week, but when it comes to clinical research where real progress needs to be made to cure people, there is simply no funding available.

Hugo Geerts, Ph.D. Former head of Alzheimer's drug discovery at Johnson & Johnson Belgium

We can't afford to sit idly by as research is stalled by a profit-driven agenda. With InvestAcure, we have a real solution to speed the path to a cure, by transitioning ownership of drug companies to millions of spare change investors committed to curing Alzheimer's.

Julie A. Fleming Founder of Purple Sherpa

The InvestAcure Solution

Automatically round up transactions and invest just spare change in a portfolio of companies chosen by leading scientists

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With the guidance of leading scientists, your spare change is invested in companies working on a cure for Alzheimer's


When drug companies are owned by millions of spare change investors committed to curing Alzheimer's....

Cure would be the
#1 priority

Billions in new investment to
explore every path
to a cure

Data from research and clinical trials
would be shared, so we could
build on each other's efforts and

As an InvestAcure investor, you actually own shares of the companies in your portfolio, so you’re part of the solution.

Seventy million Americans have a relative with Alzheimer's - every million spare change investors can mean $3 billion in investment over 5 years!
That would have 30X the impact of Bill Gates' recently publicized $100 million commitment to Alzheimer's research.

Meet Our Scientists

Your spare change will be invested in a portfolio of companies, chosen with the guidance of leading Alzheimer's researchers, based on their potential contribution to advancing the development of a cure.

Adeboye Adejare, PH.D Scientific Advisor

NIH and Alzheimer’s Association national panels. Over 50 publications, 5 patents, and more than 100 presentations at conferences.

Hugo Geerts, PH.D Scientific Advisor

CSO of In Silico Biosciences, headed Johnson & Johnson Alzheimer’s research and developed one of only 5 approved Alzheimer’s drugs.

Douglas J MacNeil, Ph.DScientific Advisor

A leading expert in early-stage drug discovery directed Exploratory & Translational Sciences at Merck, scientific board of Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation, 144 research publications.

George Perry, PH.D Scientific Advisor

Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Alzheimer's, Dean UT-San Antonio, one of the top most-cited scientists in Neuroscience.

Lon Schneider, Ph.DScientific Advisor

Director of USC State of California Alzheimer’s Disease Center and the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Editor-in-chief of Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions.

Pierre Tariot, MD Scientific Advisor

Director of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute. Over 350 scientific papers, including several leading to FDA approval of treatments for Alzheimer's.

J. Thomas Vaughan, Ph.D Scientific Advisor

Columbia University – Director of MR Research – 45 patents – pioneer in development of MRI technology for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.